How to Sell Your Home

After living in a house for years you may find it difficult to sell it. This may be due to location, timing, or family reasons but whatever the cause, people are still reluctant to sell their homes. First of all, it may be a difficult task due to such a big decision, but below, I will try to provide some helpful tips before you move, accompanied by important things on how to do it.

1) The first and most important tip is to choose the right estate agent.

Make sure the designer makes an effort in making your house look its best. The idea is to get people to fall in love with how your house stands up. Many have the misconception that you only need to settle for second-hand furniture of budget brand furnishing. While this is a convenient myth, people often leave such important decisions to the last minute and go for cheap furniture from a garage sale. Most importantly the furniture must match! You may not care about Eighties IBM furniture but someone who sees it as disposable may cringe. Make the effort and do some research, this will help you understand exactly what budget brands of furniture look like.

2) Most people simply cannot afford a home that is in the garden suburbs.

The location of your home is important. For example, you may want a home in the city close to the city centre, which costs a certain amount more than closing up and window shopping in the suburbs. Your location should also spell out which garden suburbs you are willing to move to. Depending on whether you want a home situated on your cross street or back right across the road that suits multiclient & also whether you are looking for city or suburban living.

3) The front of the house is more important than the sides, inside.

Old houses tend to have the impression of being larger than they actually are. Obvious dimensions are a prime target for decay right from rot, fungus, and pests. Windows and fittings on the front of the house are some of the first things people notice. So make sure they are sparkling clean, new window frames if possible, have the announced doors and locks fitted, and are in pristine condition. If the exterior of the house needs a fresh coat of paint, shed a few pounds and buy a rack load of paint for the outdoors if you have the Hannipt manufacture. Remember when you are selling a ‘fixer-upper’, people will tend to underestimate the cost of repairs, but also underestimate the hidden ones. Selling a home needs the prospective buyer to picture themselves living in it as there has to be sufficient space for their furniture. Again a bit of retouching and a fresh coat of paint can freshen up the environment of the house.

4) Real Estate Agents are your friend and your enemy in circumventing the big task of listening to untruths.

Nowadays it is very difficult to buy a home without the help of a real estate agent. Owners tend to be more confident of their representatives which can often be dangerous. Buyers tend to think that an agent won’t lie to them, but agents are human and can be honest sometimes. Knowing the reason someone is selling and trustworthiness is what matters. Be careful not to take on someone else’s word for that agent isn’t suitable. Be critical, you are not trusting the seller and their agent to do one for you. If an agent doesn’t seem to be making that effort, speak to the agent in question and see if they are prepared to do the same. Unfortunately, an agent that is eager to promote their listings may say one thing on the day, which in reality is not true. At least I find it hard to believe that an agent that is so keen to have a listing go ahead will make the effort to speak to the buyer after the package has been received. I remember discussing a possible purchase with an agent, and he told me that the owners wouldn’t accept an offer that was less than they wanted, they would expect an even higher offer! I also had a client that didn’t know how the negotiations were going to pan out, and he went in with a ridiculous offer the other day after seeing a stack of documents with figures on them. He wanted the property for £15,000 over the asking price. I wanted to ask him “how long did you expect me to put up with this?” and there is no way he gave me an answer. Real Estate Agents can be a great resource, you just need to know them from the beginning.

5) Be ready to say no at the right time.

Whether you are buying or selling, you should have a good understand of the times when you need to say no and how to deal with it.


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